key points 9 to 12 of The Everlasting Poo short video

Key points 9 to 12 are from the video, where Barnabus the Bucket Crab gets feed back regarding the premise, that the plastic waste, the everlasting poo, problem, is actually being acted upon. . . in a number of ways: Deliberate and/or add your own thinking for the discussion.

Key Points 9 to 12

9. The Anthropocene Epoch relates to high numbers and a sizable influence of those high numbers. . . of human beings on the planet, now at this time. Choosing the two words Affect and Effect, is a fun play with words, that both associate with an impact. This, relating to discarded plastic waste, lead to consequences for the planet as a whole, including its life forms.
Continuing to learn and gain an understanding of our planet and exploring affect and effect. . . seems prudent.

10. The fix for the Bucket Crab, is an uncontaminated home. An uncontaminated home means clean ocean and beaches and the river systems that feed them. To achieve a healthy planet, it is reasonable to learn about the life support system on the pale blue dot we walk around on. . . and not ill treat any of it. Putting an emphasis in the video on “for your kids”, is considering the idea that there is a serious responsibility, of adults, for children. . . connecting our planet for us now. . . and the future.

11. Adults to act, clean it and lean it, so the kids only have to worry about those appropriate worries. Appropriate worries experienced within safe arenas. The planet itself should be a safe, unpolluted arena and good global and local management, should allow, for the kids. . . only normal worries and reassurances within the arena. . . in the act, as named in key point 12.

12. PLAY . . . highly prized for healthy kids. . . therefore future healthy population. . . on the hopefully healthy Little Blue Dot.

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