The Video

I made a little video to help fix the discarded plastic problem. . . for our kids future.

0:00 – 3:14 … Barnabus on a mission to fix discarded plastic
3:15 – 4:26 … Credits
4:26 – 4:28 … Extra – little guy wooshed for waving too much (bottom right)
4:29 – 5:11 …. Extra – extra sketch – I’m Barnabus.

It’s a short playful video made up from stock footage and stills, edited and honed for a little story. . . all set to music.
According to Barnabus the Bucket Crab, who’s had enough and on a mission. . . Discarded plastic is The Everlasting Poo.

The little video idea came about whilst saving up for dive and camera gear to create own footage stories as soon as possible.

As well as the video, there are the key points scripted in the video, that have been lifted and highlighted for deliberation. Feel free to share the video and keypoints onto a platform and have the conversation there. If you reap some good points, then drop a note back with a link. Then others can visit and benefit from your experience.
Keypoints are to be found on the website menu, or here: Key Points

Summary of some Key Points

A summary of some keypoints throughout the video timeline, are highlighted here:

The Mission

Barnabus is a bucket crab. This is a made up fun term and fits as most kids enjoy the experience of rockpooling & crab finding.
Barnabus associates discarded waste plastic with the fun term: The Everlasting Poo, as it doesn’t go away.
Barnabus gives two containing reasons for discarded plastic. Both wilfully and/or by a lack of situational awareness. Both expressions can apply locally and globally, as to how this problem has got this bad to date.
It is harmful, therefore it is fair to say it’s just mean. This term is given as a playful yet poignant term, directly aimed at humans. Apex species is suitable, but because of the bad management, the playful term of being apex meanies (except the ones who are to fix it. . perhaps), is deemed reasonable tease.

The Message

Barnabus is a poet. This simple poem invokes reactions expressed in return:
Plastic itself is not all bad. . . but it, as everlasting poo, it is not ok.
Planet = Clean it. . . Plastic = Lean it. . . offered as an efficient start, such as beach cleans & reducing single use plastics etc etc.

The Musings

The video mentions that help to fix the discarded plastic problem are being considered. . . This is a recognition that increasing numbers of people are actually active now, both considering and actioning a positive response.
There is also a resonse in the video, that any fixes are not just for Barnabus, because of its little mission, but also for the consideration of the planet. . . and for the kids. . . who obviously represent the future people who have to live on it.
The “PLAY” point was made to be relevant to undue worry.
No considerate, responsible adult, should allow a situation to unfold, that steals, through undue worry. . . an apex species healthy experience, of time in a safe environment. . . to PLAY.

If interested, then get involved. Do your own bit. Let us know of other great projects helping to fix this problem. Chip in to help create more educational type videos. . . with a donation or buy your own copy of the little video. This can be acheived from the website menu, or here: Donate and Shop

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Thanks to all, that are active, to fix this problem..