Overview of The Fix idea

To fix the global discarded plastic pollution, (the everlasting poo, as it has been labelled, according to Barnabus the Bucket Crab), takes a team effort of people doing different types of work.

“The Fix” idea, has been created after considering, then summarising the global picture of the discarded plastic pollution problem:
* Firstly into a hand illustrated and narrated video diagram: – explaining thoughts regarding both the clean-up related areas and the plastic-use related areas of. . . all the work areas needed to. . . well. . . Fix it.
(see below, below, below!)
* Then an evolved & slightly tweeked poster diagram: – highlighting & adding a little more written detail, for a still image to portrait the clean-up, & plastic-use areas.
(see below, below!)
* Then a further evolved poster diagram, The Fix, 1-12: – allocating each work area, with a number 1-12, to create a still image, which could be used to start or challenge, conversation regarding The Fix of our global discarded plastic problem.
The continuing question is raised. . . Which one are you?
The “YOU” has been emphasised.
The numbers, 1-12. . . allow for a more simplified answer (associate with a number 1 to 12), each of which represent a more complex explanation of the work areas.
(see below!)

The aim was to simplify the concept that a global team is required to complete “The Fix”. Most people will be one number. People of the same number, will not fix the problem, so an appreciation of people of any of the 12 numbers, should be appreciated, in order so:
The global discarded plastic problem, as quick as possible, gets “The Fix”.

Poster showing 1-12, people work areas, relating to The Fix of the global discarded plastic pollution.
Poster “The Fix 1-12”. . . evolved from The Fix diagram,

Diagram showing the people work areas, relating to The Fix of the global plastic pollution.
Poster summary frame of The Fix diagram video

Summary of The Fix diagram video – Team Work Areas… simplified.

Clean-up areas of work, comprise:

Ocean areas: The diagram starts where the first shocking revelation of this problem was revealed. . . A place where the floating plastic gathered on mass in the ocean surface gyres, nicknamed as “the garbage patches”.
It took time to arrive there and tonnes of it is still on its way, via the ocean winds and currents, after being dumped primarily into the oceans, via major river systems.

Shallow Waters, Beaches, River Mouths, Banks & Land: Around the ocean in shallow waters, along beaches, river mouths, banks and inland, is where most of us dwell, and therefore can access more readily, to help the fix.
In these areas, can be found local reminders of the global issue, which would otherwise be out-of-sight. . . but no longer out of mind. . . which leads to the next work area required for the fix.

Educators: Earth explorers, that record evidence and bring it back to reveal the situation, along with researchers, who do much the same thing, in effect, do what is called Ground-Truthing. This is obtaining evidence. . . verified & validated video, photos & measurements are amongst the most widely known Ground-Truthed-Evidence.
Revealing what is out there, seen & unseen, as well as what is no longer out there, will play a part in the work needed to help the fix.

Plastic use & reduce areas of work, comprise:

Users: Humans getting on with certain aspects of modern life, on and around this planet.
Reusers & Recyclers: Humans, extending the plastics time of usefulness.

Waste Management: After human use, and any reuse or recyle, there will come a time where the plastic moves on to a typical waste management system. The main organised one is landfill. If safely managed, the plastic is stored, i.e contained, therfore not discarded out in the environment.

Producers & Reducers: Plastic has been a very useful material. Even now, whilst dealing with this discarded plastic pollution problem. The videos and photos we watch are made with cameras made affordable with the material. Also, the dive gear, the boats required to get to the ocean plastics, use the material. Even when collecting plastics from the beach etc, many plastic sacks and containers are used to gather it in.
It is the non managed, discarded plastic and the shear overwhelming quantity of it, out in the environment that is effecting nature in a negative way and is the problem to be fixed.
To help the fix, producers can explore and change materials and reducers can influence the demand.

Educators: (same principle as mentioned above in the clean-up areas of work).

Global areas of work, comprise:

As can be seen in The Fix diagram video, from the plastic producer through to the waste management landfill, if managed well, then all plastic is. . . contained.
Therefore, even if plastic existance is considered wrong, the significant issue is that it, being all the plastic, is indeed actually. . .contained. It is not discarded out in nature.
The consideration to this thought, involved narrowing the whole global issue of discarded plastic, down to the most concise point I could reason it through to.
The end result was placed into The Fix diagram video, represented as a burst bubble image. As for the multitude of reasons, these were honed down to one phrase. The phrase contains just two human causes that allow the plastics out into nature with its negative effect. The two human causes are:

1. Wilfully. Humans that do or should know better. . . such as litter-bugs and any known dumping.
2. By a lack of situational awareness. Amongst other things, this covers places, such as under-developed countries. Down at the local level, inhabitants here, are so preoccupied with eeking out a near hand-to-mouth living, that the disposal of waste, including plastic, is not given much or indeed any thought regarding effect in nature.
Either or both of these reasons requires a massive input of work in another very specific area, being:

Politics & Legal: Massive decisions and actions are required across the globe, involving maritime law and the law of all territorial lands. Seriously global work in order to attain the fix.

Educators: (once again, globally and with integrity. . . verified & validated information is needed, to help monitor & inform to how well, or not so well. . . The Fix. . . globally. . . is being achieved.

And Finally

The Fix video completes the project that presents the main playful video named “The Everlasting Poo”, along with its Keypoints, scripted in the video, that have been lifted and highlighted for deliberation. Feel free to share the videos and keypoints onto a platform and have the conversation there. If you reap some good points, then drop a note back with a link, therefore allowing others to visit and benefit from your experience.

The Everlasting Poo video can be found on the website menu, or here: The Everlasting Poo video
Keypoints are to be found on the website menu, or here: Key Points

If interested, then get involved. Do your own bit. Let us know of other great projects helping to fix this problem. Chip in to help create more educational type videos. . . with a donation or buy your own copy of the little video. This can be acheived from the website menu, or here: Donate and Shop

Thanks to all, that are active, to fix this problem. Here are a few sample responses from various fb discussion pages and groups.


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