key points 1 to 4 of The Everlasting Poo short video

Key points 1 to 4 are from the video, where, Barnabus the bucket crab places a few thoughts about waste plastic and those that create it: Deliberate and/or add your own thinking for the discussion.

Key Points 1 – 4

1. Barnabus is a Bucket Crab. In fact any shore crab that can be caught and bucketed, shall be known as a Bucket Crab. Therfore, watch it on any sea shore you visit, as Barnabus (and any other Bucket Crab), associates any and all disgarded rubbish waste. . . as poo.
So, according to a Bucket Crab, Barnabus, who’s had enough and on a mission. . . disgarded plastic waste is just poo.

2. Barnabus has figured out that normal poo waste goes away, but what makes this plastic waste issue a serious problem to be fixed. . . is that plastic waste does not go away. It is pretty much everlasting. . . hense coining a catch phrase. . . “The Everlasting Poo”

3. The plastic waste, the everlasting poo, should not be on or in the sea and Barnabus considers two causes. Discuss them and/or add more.
* A lack of responsibility by wilfulness (litter bugging by choice).
* A lack of responsibility by a lack of situational awareness. (accidental or otherwise unaware of impact). Some individuals, some businesses and some countries, may be so concentrating on self development and/or just surviving. . . they do not consider or manage any impact.

4. A creature living in contact with the sea, would discover waste plastic, the everlasting poo, as. . . harmful. . . and so, quite reasonably consider those who created it as. . . just plain mean. . . even if unaware.
Apex is a known term for “top” of the group, so Barnabus the Bucket Crab has coined another catch phrase applying to humans that create the waste, being. . . “Apex Meanies”.

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