key points 5 to 8 of The Everlasting Poo short video

Key points 5 to 8 are from the video where the message poem in a bottle, gets noted by humans and some reactions to the problem of plastic waste, the everlasting poo, are expressed: Deliberate and/or add your own thinking for the discussion.

Key Points 5 – 8.

5. From a Bucket Crab’s contribution. . . Some thoughts are conveyed in a bottled message poem, which reads:
“It’s on the sea, it’s in it too. . .”
It then continues with a thought to aid a resolve. . .
. . . Get a grip of the waste, the everlasting poo.
A clean up is required, what needs to be found, is a fix to the reasons of discarding the plastic in the first place.

6. Useful plastic is ok. . . Everlasting poo is not ok. . . These thoughts are expressed to separate the notion that plastic itself is just bad This allows the focus towards discarded plastic, and end-of-use effects are more the bottom line.
i.e. Containers and large bin liners made of plastic, are often very useful in such things as beach cleanups.
i.e. Dive, camera & boat materials, that are used to get footage of in-ocean plastics, are often plastic based.

7. If a bath overflows the floor needs mopping, but all fruitless unless the tap and plug systems are correctly adjusted. So, responsible people will act to clean the plastics. Also people will seek. find and implement, useage of alternative materials or adjustment of end use and production of anything plastic, in the first place. Creating a fix. . . Summed up in the phrase. . .
“The Planet – Clean it. . Plastic Use – Lean it”

8. Fixes are occurring. . . there are indeed many people already realising, thinking, informing, acting, rethinking, and acting more. . . to fix things.
Global Ocean Gyres
Global River Mouth Mass Flow
Local reasons the plastic ends up in river flows
Local use & production changes
Above all, consider your place in any of it.

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