The Everlasting Poo video, is being published soon. It is a short video made from selected stock footage & photos, honed together & set to music.

Barnabus, a handsome, rascal, bucket crab, gets fed up with plastic on & in its home… so sets off on a mission to raise a point… as you do.

According to the bucket crab, who’s had enough. . . and on a mission:
“Disregarded Plastic is “The Everlasting Poo”.

Only a 5 (ish) minute video, but on route there is rubbish, feet, a whale shark, plastic bags, messeges in bottles, a rather cool poem, adult office type bods, a surf dude with the best wetsuit ever, Barnabus, and a few kids. Several other bucket crabs chime in on the act later. . . all bucket crabs, appear to be called Barnabus.

Purpose of video is to stir a deliberation or two. The video is edited for Youtube and will be published on Cavewallmedia Youtube channel. It can be watched from there or embeded in your chosen web platform.

To support the little project, a copy of the vid has been licensed for download. . . chip in and get your own personal copy. . . details and downloads are from the official The Everlasting Poo (.info) website.